At your stay in Morocco ,We choose good quality accommodation that combines traditional style architecture and genuine Berber hospitality with modern services and facilities. We use the listed accommodation regularly and are guided by the feedback from our guests , and here we present the different types of accommodation that are available in the country :

Riads :

Riads are traditional Moroccan houses located inside the Medina. After being abandoned in the eighteenth and nineteenth century by wealthy families who moved to the more modern cities such as Casablanca and Rabat, riads began to come alive again when some Moroccans and Europeans bought them back and beautifully decorated them in a traditional Moroccan style and offers a quiet family environment where privacy and tranquility prevails.

Hotels :

Morocco will have no problem to find the big western chains, because it is a tourist country, you’ll find hotels to suit all tastes and budgets.

Nomadic Tent :

You can camp in all parts of the country because there is confidence, and we assemble khaimas bivouac for groups and Rally and our customers. the khaimas are made of camel wool, the perfect material for Sahara Desert as their thickness protects from the heat of the sun and when it rains

Hostel :

Hostel is a hotel but zero sincio category but very clean.

Kasbahs :

A Kasbah is a fortress or medina that was used as a secure location to withdraw to when the main town was under siege.

Our Transport:

Comfortable 4wd Prado Land Cruiser + Comfortable Van.

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